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MLD plays a vital part in managing lymphedema. Dealing with lymphedema after
treatment for cancer can seem daunting. Knowledge can free you from unnecessary
anxiety by providing clear guidelines for therapy and practical instruction in approaches to ongoing self-care. The more you know about therapies to manage lymphedema, the better your outcomes will be.

MLD uses a precise manual therapy technique to help move fluid away from swollen, congested areas and toward healthy lymph nodes. It is gentle, relaxing, and supportive of the whole lymphatic system.

Combined with properly fitted compression garments, exercise, and skincare, MLD is a cornerstone of any lymphedema management plan.

Signs and symptoms of lymphedema
Surgical removal of lymph nodes, radiation scaring, injury, and infection can cause lymph to accumulate in the tissues rather than move along fluid pathways. Depending on the site of the surgery or radiation, swelling may occur in the leg, trunk, face, or abdomen. This kind of edema- lymph edema- may show up as:
•   Swelling
                               • Tiredness     
•   Pain or discomfort            • Weakness
•   Tight skin                            • Reduced range of motion
•   Heaviness                           • Hardening of the tissue

If left untreated, Lymphedema can lead to tissue damage and increased risk of infection.

Meet our Therapists

Independent contractors, licensed and experienced working with cancer patients

Justine Robbins

With over 20 years experience, Justine specializes in lymphedema treatment and education. Justine also teaches specific exercises to help keep lymph flowing healthfully. As a passionate educator, she is a frequent speaker at cancer support groups, oncology seminars, and patient education events.

To schedule an appointment, please call
520-877-9038 for NW Location
520-324-2840 for East Location

Justine Robbins, M.Ed. LMT, Certrified Lymphedema Therapist
East and Northwest Resource Center
Justine Robbins

Bethany has 13 years experience in massage and for the last 8 years has focused her lymphatic work on helping cancer patients understand and manage their lymphedema. Bethany feels privileged to provide her services to cancer survivors and their families/caregivers at Arizona Oncology Foundation.

To schedule an appointment, please call Bethany directly at 520-261-8757

Bethany Kraus, LMT, CLT
East Resource Center
Justine Robbins

Tami has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016. Recently she became certified as a complete lymphedema therapist. This means she can give complete lymphatic massage, provide compression wrap, and fit for compression garments. She also provides training for the patient in manual lymph drainage, skin care, wrapping, and specific exercise routines. Tami also provides massage. Please ask her about the variety of modalities to meet your needs.

Living with lymphedema and working to try and prevent the next stage of development is paramount to control of this disease. Tami has spent 30 years in the Tucson community raising children and involving herself in the community. She has excitement and compassion for you and your needs. Always education herself, Tami is currently studying to become part of the Lymphedema Association of North America. 

To schedule an appointment, please call 520-324-2840

Tami Arthur, LMT, MLD-C, Certrified Lymphedema Therapist
East Resource Center

Note: Practitioners and program leaders are independent contractors

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