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Shiatsu is a form of massage that originated in Japan. Unlike Western massage, the  Shiatsu recipient remains fully clothed as no oils or lotions are used. The focus of Shiatsu is to balance and harmonize the various energy pathways of the body (called meridians), restoring and maintaining flexibility and encouraging a state of deep relaxation. Shiatsu addresses the whole person, and can benefit a wide variety of ailments and complaints. Shiatsu can also soothe turbulent emotions, ease pain and stiffness, and leave you with a sustained feeling of enhanced well-being. 

How can massage benefit me? 

•   Fatigue
•   Insomnia 
•   Nausea 
•   Stress 
•   Depression 
•   Aides Healing 

•   Neuropathy
•   Pain
•   Improves Digestion
•   Helps Immunity
•   Relaxes Tension
•   Improves Circulation

Hydration is easier said than done in Tucson's dry desert climate, but simply thinking “water,” isn't drinking water: please hydrate yourself, before and after your massage, so that you can truly enjoy the benefits of your treatments!

Michael A Dalzell

I have always been fascinated by the more esoteric, mysterious aspects of the body. As a child, I was convinced that there were "points" on the body that could be used to harm or heal, that my breath could form a ball between my hands, and that miracles (or something close) were indeed possible.

After years of exploring the mind-body connection through Tai Chi and meditation, I attended Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, where I discovered that the points of my childhood were real, and that my breath and my hands were intimately connected. While I have not yet witnessed any miracles, I would not discount the possibility. In my experience though, healing is usually a long, slow process, and patience is an essential ingredient. That said, the power of the mind to heal the body is usually underestimated by most people. In this fight, your engaged imagination is your most potent ally.

Shiatsu is a healing art with roots in antiquity. Drawing on the healing traditions of ancient China, filtered through the more modern sensibilities of post-war Japan, Shiatsu combines gentle stretches with palm and thumb pressure to relieve pain, stress, and fatigue. Shiatsu can induce profound relaxation, restoring a sense of calm and balance to your mind and body. Research has shown that deep states of relaxation allow your body's innate healing abilities to come to the fore.

Shiatsu is particularly effective in managing the symptoms of chemotherapy. Neuropathy, poor appetite, fatigue, nausea, sore muscles and joints and any number of other difficulties can be reduced or relieved during a Shiatsu session. Stress is the main enemy of healing, and Shiatsu is an especially potent stress-reliever. You'll feel refreshed, relaxed, alert and calm all at once. Aches and pains will feel less urgent, and sleep will welcome you like an old friend. Many clients report that they still feel the effects days later.

I would be pleased to answer any questions before you book your session.
Feel free to call me at 520-465-4815.
Member: Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals 

Michael A Dalzell, Certified Shiatsu Therapist
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