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June 4, 2019

Dear practitioners, therapists, volunteers and supporters of the Arizona Oncology Foundation,

I write you today with great excitement and gratitude as we head into the second half of 2019. This year has been one of transformation for our organization as we have welcomed Alba Rojas-Sukkar, who joined our full-time staff as Chief Development Officer the first of April. Alba joins us at a time of great growth; a number of our programs continue to gain traction within the cancer support community in southern Arizona. A few updates on such programs can be found below:

Transportation Assistance (gas cards, bus passes)

In the first quarter of 2019, the Foundation aided in the transport of (55) patients to their medical appointments/treatments through the distribution of (80) fuel cards. This program is one of our fastest growing and has been made possible through an ongoing grant which began in late 2018.


In the first quarter of 2019 we have subsidized (77) total housecleaning services for patients who are actively receiving infusion-based treatment. These once-monthly light cleanings help relieve patients from some of the physical and mental stress tied to doing everyday chores and provides them with a clean environment in which to heal and recover their energy.

Wigs and Head Coverings

Donations of used and new wigs and head coverings continue on an upward trajectory and our group of wig-washing volunteers allow the Foundation to directly support patients who are experiencing hair loss as a result of their treatments. In the first quarter of 2019, we have distributed (390) wigs, scarves, beanies, and hats.

Post-Mastectomy Support

With the support of our program lead volunteers (Nancy Bullock and Sue Goodman) the program continues to expand with many new products, and additional volunteer trainings around the basics of fitting to better serve our patient’s needs.


These programs, along with the thousands of services we provide through integrative therapies, educational programs, and support groups, emphasize the great extent of the needs of the patients to whom our organization is dedicated to. The Board and I want you to know how much we value the services you provide to cancer patients, survivors, their families, and all who are touched by cancer. We look to the future with great enthusiasm as our intent is to care for as many southern Arizona patients and loved ones as possible, regardless of where they are receiving medical care. I look forward to growing our foundation further alongside you, and to keeping you informed of new milestones we reach together.


Lee Klein
Board of Directors

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