Meditation & Stress Management

Two Classes in Stress & Anxiety Reduction
Using Mindfulness & Simple Breathing Techniques

How To Meditate 

Studies show meditation calms the mind, helps reduce chronic pain, improves sleep, and enhances the quality of life.  This secular 4-week class, held monthly for years at the AZ Cancer Foundation, addresses myths and misunderstandings about meditation, providing a relaxed and comfortable introduction to this important practice.
Class meets Tuesdays 11:00 am ~ 12:00 noon 

$10 per class or $40 for four Classes. 

For those who have completed How To Meditate, and for anyone who already knows how to meditate, we hold an Open Meditation Session every Tuesday from noon-1pm, also in the “Living Room.” Sitting together is a wonderful way to deepen our practice. We discuss practice-related issues, sit for about a half hour, and then listen to an audio dharma talk from well-known teachers like Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tara Brach, etc.
This is a free class, run on a donation basis.

Breathe Well ~ Feel Calmer 
If you sometimes feel held hostage by pain, worry, stress and anxiety…if you tighten up, hold your breath, then breathe shallowly, sometimes hyperventilating and feeling out of control, then you’re not alone, and there is a simple solution: Learn to relax deeply, breathe well, and start feeling better fast! 

• Quickly relieve short-term symptoms of stress and anxiety. 
• Resist the formation of long-term chronic stress. 
• Release endorphins to reduce pain (acute and chronic) and promote sound sleep. 
• Stay in the moment: be more present, more mindful, more aware, more you. 

Class meets on Tuesdays by appointment.
Cost: $40 (scholarships and sliding scale available).

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