Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga

Supportive Gentle Hatha Yoga combined with Life Force Yoga practices and relaxation all done in a chair. Breath practice centers the experience while complete warm-ups ready the body for stretching in modified Sun Salutation and other yoga postures.
No prior experience required; adapted for all persons, especially if you have fatigue,
stiffness, pain, or feel that you can’t do yoga. Relaxation at the end of the class integrates energy in body and mind.
Course Benefits 
•   Breath directing movement to increase flexibility, mobility, and decrease pain.
•   Safety of seated position.
•   Slow deep breathing enhances lung capacity and triggers the relaxation response.
•   Healing and overall wellness enhanced through gentle movements, visualization, and meditation.

Therapeutic Yoga

Explore yoga practices that lead to deep restoration within the body and mind.

Course Description:
•   Gentle therapeutic yoga with an emphasis on healing. Suitable for all levels.
•   Movement is breath-centered, incorporating simple meditation, sound for whole body health, visualization techniques, and restorative postures. 
•   Thursday’s session features a restorative breathing practice to balance the nervous system.  

Course Benefits:
•   Breath-centered movements allow a sense of physical, emotional, and mental peace.  
•   Meditative movements increase focus and mobility while decreasing pain and inflammation in the joints. 
•   Learn simple yoga techniques that you can practice on your own.

Strength and Flexibility Yoga

Therapeutic Hatha Yoga with a strength and flexibility focus. Breath-centered practice will be experienced, utilizing intelligent movement sequences, mudras (hand positions), and deep relaxation throughout, while safely building balance and stability.
Adapted for all persons; experienced or new, healthy or recovering from illness, surgery, or cancer treatment.

Additionally, Funcational Strength Training may be available by request.
Course Benefits: 
•   Practicing movement with breath restores normal range of movement by increasing flexibility and mobility and decreasing pain.
•   Safely increasing strength and balance.
•   Slower, deeper breathing helps improve lung function and trigger the body’s relaxation response.
•   Utilizing a variety of yoga tools including meditation, visualization, and relaxation to promote healing and overall wellness.
•   Present moment focus, which allows us to become more sensitive to our body’s needs.

Yoga Tools for Stress

Yoga Tools for Stress Relief,  Relaxation, and Resilience

Yoga is a safe and effective supportive practice for adding wellness benefits and alleviating negative treatment-related side effects for people who have cancer. This class welcomes participants in all points in their journey as yoga tools can enhance the quality of life during and after treatment. Each gentle yoga class consists of mindfulness-based practices of breathing, yoga movement sequences, and guided relaxation. Participants practice at their own pace; postures may be done using a mat or chair. 

Course Benefits:  
Stress management and relaxation increased circulation and energy flow, greater freedom of movement and an improved sense of wellbeing are some of the benefits of yoga.
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