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Financial Assitance Programs

We are striving to provide programs at zero cost.

Arizona Oncology Foundation is dedicated to providing supportive programs and services to anyone affected by cancer, regardless of where you seek traditional treatment or the inability to pay. Research shows that people with support systems in place, live better, heal quicker and have better outcomes than those who do not. Recognizing that cancer treatment is expensive, we offer assistance to ease the financial burden and encourage supportive services in the following areas:

  • Vouchers for integrative therapies, nutrition and exercise classes that the foundation offers.
  • Dental Treatment for services needed because of your cancer. See section below.

Application Process:
Obtain Financial Assistance for Complementary Services Application Form from Arizona Oncology Foundation. Patient’s physician must sign the form indicating that patient meets financial hardship guidelines.

Dental Services

Eligibility Requirements:

Dental problems must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Dental problems that must be addressed prior to receiving chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Dental problems that arise during treatment that would compromise appropriate cancer treatment.
  • Dental problems that arise as a consequence of chemotherapy or radiation.

NOTE: Cosmetic or routine procedures are not eligible for assistance through our Application Process.

We partner with a number of local dentists for this free service.

Click HERE to download the Dental Services Referral Form or you may obtain a copy from Arizona Oncology Foundation Resource Center.
The patient’s physician must fill out and sign the top portion of the form, and the patient must fill out the bottom demographic portion.


Cancer Lending Library, Media Center and Community Symposiums

AOF provides a large selection of books, articles and other resources at each Resource Center. Patients and family members and caregivers can find materials and educational books on a wide arrange of topics concerning diagnosis, treatment and living with cancer. Books and materials are available for borrowing, some for keep and some on-line with the availability to print. You will also find links to vetted, high-quality information from other local and national resources. AOF also partners with physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers to bring educational talks, series and symposiums regarding cancer prevention, genetics and cancer, treatment updates, and survivorship including:

Breast Cancer Update Oct. 12, 2019 – Details coming soon

Find us at Community and Corporate Health Fairs.

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Arizona Oncology Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.

All accepted clothing (click HERE for an extensive list) and monetary donations are specifically used to help cancer victims, their families and caretakers by means of offering them non-medical, healthcare supportive services, financial aid services and cancer support groups, which help people through cancer treatment and survivorship as we strive to increase the quality of life of all those affected by cancer. Please DONATE today!

Note: Practitioners and program leaders are independent contractors

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