Psychological Effects of Cancer

Psychological Effects of cancerWe all know how devastating the physical side effects of cancer are. But many people don’t think about the psychological impact cancer has on patients.

Like with any condition that impacts your ability to engage in daily activities, cancer causes many mental and emotional side effects as well.

Depression is the most common psychological side effect cancer patients deal with.

It’s easy to see why, given the vast physical toll that cancer puts on the body. To deal with cancer effectively, you need to target all of the symptoms it causes.

That includes psychological effects.

At Arizona Oncology, we specialize in assisting cancer patients with psychological issues. Continue reading to learn more about how you can handle the mental side effects of cancer.

Psychological Effects of Cancer

One important thing to note is that the psychological effects of cancer affect patients in all stages.

A person’s emotional response to cancer also impacts their mortality/morbidity. So, it’s important to maintain a level head.

Check out this case study by ONS to learn more about the effects of different emotional responses on cancer treatment.

All aspects of a cancer patient’s life become affected by the condition. That includes work, school, and home life. There are three main common psychological effects of cancer.

  • Depression – feelings of hopelessness or despair at the thought of having no control
  • Distress – unpleasant condition, emotion, thought or feeling
  • Anxiety – an uncomfortable, scared, or worried feeling that real danger is coming

All of these psychological effects will impact cancer patients on different levels. Your health, treatment plan, and other factors determine the specific psychological impact you experience resulting from cancer.

Read more about the primary psychological effects of cancer here with

Whether you’re someone dealing with cancer or know someone diagnosed with the condition. Learning how to handle all the psychological effects of it can help you through the process.

While there are no definitive cures for any psychological effects caused by cancer. There are some techniques you can use to manage and deal with them.

Dealing with the Mental Effects of Cancer

One of the best ways to deal with cancer’s psychological effects is by seeking out a support group. There are several local cancer support groups in Arizona that can help you manage the mental side effects of cancer.

Talk with close friends and loved ones about your emotions. It can also help you get through any negative mental impacts that cancer causes.

Studies conducted on the benefits of support groups for cancer patients look good. Check out this report by CancerQuest to see more.

Everyone is different. So some people may need to seek professional help to deal with their psychological problems.

People Also Ask

Q: What are the psychological effects of cancer?
A: The most common psychological effects of cancer include distress, anxiety, and depression.

Q: Does cancer cause personality changes?
A: yes, cancer can cause individual mood swings and personality changes in patients.

Q: Can cancer affect your mind?
A: yes, people dealing with cancer often have a hard time remembering things. Also participating in simple activities that require cognitive abilities.

Contact Arizona Oncology Today!

At Arizona Oncology, we offer effective cancer treatments designed to help patients at all stages. Which is something we pride ourselves on. If you’re dealing with psychological side effects as a result of cancer, contact us.

Our team is waiting and willing to help you become a healthier version of yourself. Don’t let cancer take over more aspects of your life than necessary.

With a professional team of dedicated specialists like us on your side. The psychological effects of cancer will have a minimal impact on your life.

Contact Arizona Oncology today to find out more!

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