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We are thrilled to announce that Arizona Oncology Foundation's Craycroft Resource Center is open again! Our hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. We are looking forward to continuing to provide cancer support programs and services like free wigs and head coverings, as well as free bras and prosthesis. We will incorporate integrative therapies back at this location starting the week of August 24th. We are located at 2625 N Craycroft Road, Suite 215. Our Rudasill Resource Center will open in September.

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Are cancer treatments covered by insurance?

TLDR: the Affordable Health Care Act mandates that all insurance providers pay the majority of costs associated with any form of cancer treatment or therapy that a patient may undergo. As a cancer patient, you are protected from being medically discriminated against and also have coverage that saves you money by default. The cost of treatment for any serious medical condition or disease such as cancer is vastly unaffordable for most people. In the event that you or someone you know is diagnosed...

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Ways to help cancer patients

TLDR: cancer patients deal with a wide range of different symptoms and feelings on a daily basis. By providing them with support and friendship, you can help them taper off some of their stress. You can help cancer patients by giving them gifts, running errands for them, bringing them food, and providing them with adequate childcare. These are all great ways for you to care for people with cancer. Cancer is a tough disease to deal with, whether you’re going through it or knowing someone...

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How acupuncture helps cancer patients?

TLDR: Chemotherapy is a very intense cancer treatment option that carries with it many adverse side effects. While it may seem impossible to find a solution to your pain, there is one advantageous option. Acupuncture is a 4,000 physical therapy method that is being used to help cancer patients relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, and more. Chemotherapy is the most widely used curative cancer treatment available. However, it is also very strenuous on the body, which can lead to a wide variety...

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What cancer patients should not eat

TLDR: Cancer can quickly spread to other parts of the body when it comes in contact with a catalyst that sets it off. Food is one of the primary catalysts that can cause cancer cells to reproduce at a rapid rate. For this very reason, you need to eat a diet that consists of healthy foods only. Some foods you should avoid when going through cancer treatment include baked meats, alcoholic beverages, processed meats, grilled foods, and deep-fried foods. Cancer patients have to be cautious of various...

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How massage therapy helps cancer patients?

TLDR: Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can have devastating side effects on your body. If you’re dealing with issues like these, massage therapy is an effective therapy option that you can use to alleviate your symptoms. Contrary to popular belief, massage therapy does not have any adverse side effects that are harmful to cancer patients in particular. Dealing with cancer is already stressful on the mind and body when you factor in the side effects that specific treatments cause, that...

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What is the alternative to chemo therapy?

TLDR: Chemotherapy is a very abrasive and tiring treatment option for cancer which is why many people choose alternative options. There are plenty of clinically proven alternatives to chemotherapy including immunotherapy and targeted medicines just to name a few. Choosing the right chemotherapy alternative will depend on the specific type of cancer you have. The diagnosis of cancer is not easy for anyone to handle, and often, dealing with the treatment can be even more tiresome than the disease...

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What foods are good for cancer patients?

TLDR: Cancer impacts the body on several different levels and in various areas. One of those areas is diet, the type of foods you eat after being diagnosed with cancer will have a significant impact on how well you’re able to manage and deal with the symptoms. There are a lot of natural foods available that you can eat to help your body recover from cancer treatment. Some of those foods include peas, tomatoes, oats, pasta, pears, mangoes, and more. You can eat these foods before cancer treatment...

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What do cancer cells feed on?

TLDR: Cancer cells like our healthy cells need a source of food to multiply and grow. Compounds such as sugar and glucose have long been known to accelerate the growth of cancer cell production in the body. However, it’s important to remember that our healthy cells also need these substances to grow, so you shouldn’t eliminate them from your body. Instead, focus on balancing your diet so that you can maintain a steady balance of all the essential proteins you need. By switching to...

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What is the best exercise for cancer patients?

TLDR: exercise has been proven to assist in maximizing the effectiveness of anti-cancer treatments and medications. If you’re someone battling chemotherapy or any other ailment brought on by the disease, there are several different exercises you can use to strengthen your body. Aerobics, strength training, and moderate intensity workouts are jut a few of the options you can use to make fighting cancer easier. Cancer is a terrible disease that affects multiple areas of the body if not caught and...

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Chemotherapy Side Effects

TLDR: Chemotherapy comes with many side effects that may effect your everyday life. It’s important to take extra good care of yourself during this time to reduce the side effects and improve your ability to recover quickly. Cancer is a disease that causes abnormalities to form in the cells of the body. There are several different types of cancers out there all of which impact the body in different ways. Cancer is known to have a high fatality rate associated with it even though there are plenty...

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