What is the alternative to chemo therapy?

TLDR: Chemotherapy is a very abrasive and tiring treatment option for cancer which is why many people choose alternative options. There are plenty of clinically proven alternatives to chemotherapy including immunotherapy and targeted medicines just to name a few. Choosing the right chemotherapy alternative will depend on the specific type of cancer you have.

The diagnosis of cancer is not easy for anyone to handle, and often, dealing with the treatment can be even more tiresome than the disease itself. When it comes to the treatment options available for cancer, chemotherapy is the most prominent as it’s widely used and recommended by doctors all across the world.

Chemotherapy is administered by way of an anti-cancer medication cocktail that is designed to either reduce symptoms, cure the disease, or prolong the life of the patient. The Chemotherapy process utilizes these various cancer-fighting drugs to inhibit the growth of new cancer cells directly.

However, chemotherapy is also known for killing healthy cells, which can lead to a wide range of adverse side effects. Thanks to advancements in technology and science, there are alternative options for chemotherapy available.

What is the best alternative to chemotherapy?

People may deem chemotherapy as an unsuitable treatment option for them due to several reasons. Regardless of why you want to try an alternative cancer treatment, the reality is that viable solutions do exist. Chemotherapy treatment can have several adverse side effects on the body, including hair loss, infection, constipation, fatigue, and more.

Many of the alternative cancer treatments available do not come with the risk of developing these same side effects. This is what makes alternative cancer treatment options so desirable to individuals who find more traditional options to be too hard on their bodies.

Here are some of the most common alternative treatments to chemotherapy:

  • Immunotherapy- this therapy option uses immune-boosting medications to increase the patient’s natural defense against cancer. This treatment option is relatively new, so research is still being conducted; however, it’s been shown to be effective at treating certain types of cancers.
  • Surgery- the most invasive treatment option is surgery; this method involves a certified surgeon removing a large portion of a solid tumor.
  • Targeted Therapies– this type of cancer treatment involves the administration of carefully selected medications, also known as “precision medicine” this technique treats patients on an individual basis rather than taking a generalized approach.
  • Interactive Medicine– interactive Medicine is used as a way to manage the physical and emotional stress that cancer can cause. This treatment method can consist of things like fitness classes, perceptive meditation, aromatherapy, and more.
  • Watchful waiting– with slow-growing forms of cancer or in the early stages, most doctors will use this method known as watchful waiting which means that the progression of your symptoms is continuously monitored to detect any sudden changes.

These are some of the most popular alternative cancer treatments which have shown practical results when used in patients. Depending on the type of cancer you have, certain treatment options won’t be available to you. That’s why it’s so important to speak with your primary care physician in addition to any specialists you’ve been recommended to.

This will allow you to get tailored assistance designed to address your individual needs. One of the major things people want to know is how effective are alternative treatment options, in the next section we’re going to cover this in detail.

How effective are alternative treatment options?

Most of the alternative treatment options we’ve listed above have been tried in small clinical trials. Meaning there is only a small population of people who’ve experienced results from these treatments. However, all hope is not lost as many of these alternative treatment options are still undergoing evaluation to determine verifiable facts about their effectiveness.

Out of all the chemotherapy alternatives mentioned above, there is only one that has a substantial amount of research behind it. That is targeted therapies, even with options like surgery, the possibility of re-growth is still there. Targeted therapies allow doctors to administer certain medications and monitor the progress of the patient, which is a more accurate way of measuring progress rather than removing a tumor and not being able to determine whether or not it’s growing back invasive procedures.

People Also Ask

What type of cancer does not require chemo?

People with leukemia don’t have to resort to chemotherapy as their only treatment options, thanks to a variety of targeted medicines that are available.

What kills cancer cells naturally?

Garlic has been proven to be a beneficial herb for killing off cancer cells naturally, garlic contains an active compound known as allicin which has shown practical evidence that suggests it’s a potent natural cure

What is the best fruit for cancer?

Peaches, mangoes, guava, oranges, kiwi, prunes, and more all have specific benefits as it relates to fighting the symptoms of cancer one may experience. The most common benefits you’ll get when eating thee fruits are increased energy and vitamin intake.


By using all of the information and tips that we’ve given you in this article, you will be able to find the perfect alternative treatment option for your condition.

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