Psychological Effects of Cancer

We all know how devastating the physical side effects of cancer are. But many people don’t think about the psychological impact cancer has on patients. Like with any condition that impacts your ability to engage in daily activities, cancer causes many mental and emotional side effects as well. Depression is the most common psychological side effect cancer patients deal with. It’s easy to see why, given the vast physical toll that cancer puts on the body. To deal with cancer effectively,...

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What to say to someone who is fighting cancer

TLDR: you can use positive and encouraging words to someone fighting cancer to build their self-esteem. You should always try to encourage them to continue fighting while keeping a positive mind. Helping them keep their minds off their condition is another great way to help boost their confidence. Cancer is a devastating disease that can ruin someone’s life if not treated properly. For people fighting cancer, several things happen from the time of diagnosis. The treatment plan assigned to...

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Are most cancers hereditary?

TLDR: Hereditary cancers account for about 5-10% of all patients. 90-95% of other cancers are caused by the environment and lifestyle. You can look at your family’s medical history to find out how likely you are to develop a specific type of cancer. The cause of cancer has long been the topic of discussion in many medical debates. As research and data tell us, there are several causes of cancer. Cancer itself is a complex condition; several causes and factors affect the growth rate of cancer....

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What are the most common side effects of radiation therapy?

TLDR: the most common side effects of radiation therapy include digestive issues, swelling, hair loss, diarrhea, loss of appetite, urinary problems, and more. Speak with your medical professional before applying any ointment or creams to your skin after radiation therapy. Most side effects of radiation therapy go away after 1-2 months, if yours persist after this time, contact your doctor to get further assistance. Battling cancer can be an ongoing thing for many people, even after successful...

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Can cancer be cured?

TLDR: the most curable forms of cancer include: colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer. Stage 1 cancer is also curable, especially when caught in its early stages. The earlier you detect cancer, the higher your odds are of curing it before it becomes severe. Cancer is a vicious disease that targets healthy and normal cells in the body to cause mutations. Cancer is very pervasive; it can reach virtually any part of the body and impact your ability to function...

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Does sugar feed cancer?

TLDR: Cancer is a disease that mutates healthy cells in the body; however, like with all living organisms, food is required to live. When you eat, cancer cells dissect the nutrients and vitamins they need from your meal. Being mindful of what you eat while battling cancer is essential, sugar is one of the primary foods for all living cells. While cancer does feed on sugar, research has shown that sugar intake has no relationship with cancer growth in the body. Cancer is a disease that targets...

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Are cancer treatments covered by insurance?

TLDR: the Affordable Health Care Act mandates that all insurance providers pay the majority of costs associated with any form of cancer treatment or therapy that a patient may undergo. As a cancer patient, you are protected from being medically discriminated against and also have coverage that saves you money by default. The cost of treatment for any serious medical condition or disease such as cancer is vastly unaffordable for most people. In the event that you or someone you know is diagnosed...

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Ways to help cancer patients

TLDR: cancer patients deal with a wide range of different symptoms and feelings on a daily basis. By providing them with support and friendship, you can help them taper off some of their stress. You can help cancer patients by giving them gifts, running errands for them, bringing them food, and providing them with adequate childcare. These are all great ways for you to care for people with cancer. Cancer is a tough disease to deal with, whether you’re going through it or knowing someone...

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How acupuncture helps cancer patients?

TLDR: Chemotherapy is a very intense cancer treatment option that carries with it many adverse side effects. While it may seem impossible to find a solution to your pain, there is one advantageous option. Acupuncture is a 4,000 physical therapy method that is being used to help cancer patients relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, and more. Chemotherapy is the most widely used curative cancer treatment available. However, it is also very strenuous on the body, which can lead to a wide variety...

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What cancer patients should not eat

TLDR: Cancer can quickly spread to other parts of the body when it comes in contact with a catalyst that sets it off. Food is one of the primary catalysts that can cause cancer cells to reproduce at a rapid rate. For this very reason, you need to eat a diet that consists of healthy foods only. Some foods you should avoid when going through cancer treatment include baked meats, alcoholic beverages, processed meats, grilled foods, and deep-fried foods. Cancer patients have to be cautious of various...

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